About Me



I am Keri Bass - mother, wife, artist, designer, business owner to name a few of my everyday hats.  SO much of what I do is because I love to create.  Watch an idea come to life.  Get inspired.  See how a thought can turn into a real thing.  That's how my shop started.  My daughter and I thought about taking our handmade holiday gifts to that next level and wrapping them up in napkins.  And so it all began!

I have always been creative.  Always wanted to make things.  When I was younger I was primarily immersed in my love of clay, now you will find me either working in fabric or food.  It is most fun for me when those two worlds come together.

My kids are a big part of who I am... so naturally they are a big part of my shop.  Either offering their opinions on fabric choices, helping me out with modeling with products, adding their thoughts on custom options, or even taking some photos for listings.  I love having them as a part of this career path I am on.  It is teaching them to be and do whatever they want at any point in their lives.  That feels like a great gift for all of us.

Recently I have gone through re-branding my shop.  Formally know as Too Cute custom crafts... Izy and Oly has a new name, a new look, new home decor items,  and lots of new growth ahead!

If you need something you don't see in the shop - don't hesitate to ask!  I love to help.